One the most important gigs I have ever djed  at  was at  Ces For LeddarTech 

A entire new look as well.Beside that I have a new Project The Blogger which I have been working on for a good minute.So I figured it was time to do the same for my Djing Site. I love Djing so much, the people, the music. Its just so much goes into to getting to just to get notice for gig. Bloody hell sometimes it takes more than having a killer set . The look , you gotta have the look.Beside that it come to the right Image, then where are you Djing at plays a Important [art of where your next gig is going to be next.

I have been working on a few projects’ such as my Radio Talk Show Coffee Grounds , which has been getting a’lot of Popularity.As Well I have finally put up a new Fashion Radio. The Station is moving fast forward with new Radio Personalities and Djs.

But This isn’t about The Fashion Radio , nor about my Talk Radio Show Coffee Grounds or about The Blogger. This about Mr.BlackTie the Djing side part of me. the other part of my life . Djing has been apart of my life for such a long time lol. I Have been Djing since I was in my early teens. I Started to Professional Djing in the Sin City. Which has been a long long run now. But thats another Story for a different time. Welcome to Mr.BlackTie!

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