April 15, 2021

Mr. Black Tie

The DJ That Entertains The Entertainment

Mr. Black Tie DJ’s at World Market Center (Las Vegas)

I don’t even know where to start to tell the truth, I mean who really would believe the madness that lead me to be able to DJ at the world market center? Who would believe me that this was my starting to point? Who would believe that I was never truly wanting to be a head DJ of a radio station? nor wanting to be the main DJ source of any kind of main event? Truth be told all I ever wanted to be is the photojournalist covering these magnificent events of dancers and DJs! I have been part of many crews and groups, all of them in one way or another just fell apart. As this happened I just moved on, I keep pushing forward.20542851_1635000139864447_1373052754_o
I never wanted to a leader of anything to be honest. But fate just seems to lead me into this shit every time! I love music, I really do. From the day I learned about turn tables and producing. You need to understand one thing about me. I didn’t come to Vegas to be a well-known DJ. I came to Vegas as a photographer lol. Yet my life got twisted and turned so many times, my heart being ripped open and torn apart. I took people’s word for what it was. Yeah, yeah, I bloody know now that was stupid on my part. I had no intention of becoming a DJ or being part of the DJing industry. Not a damn moment when was that the plan when I first came here lol. Yet sure here I am, DJing at the World Market Center, which became my starting point. Crazy shit, isn’t it? I think so. I mean I’m a photo-journalist by trade. Yeah, I know how to produce and spin. But that wasn’t my focus point in life, nor was it ever going to be. Yet this has become a part of me.
As I said I love music, I love the women who have come in and out of my life as such to. And I think like an artist drawing or painting, or even better like a poet. My personal life has affected my music producing as well as my spinning. I was forced into doing the DJing thing, due to the DJs I was marketing for, they bailed out on a situation. See I figured if I created a well-known internet radio station, it would help these DJs, I would help them to meet and get gigs. It did on many levels at first. But what happened next was simple, they all quit on me lol. I never wanted DJ glory. That was another person dream. One that I felt connected to and would be able to help him win so I could win. Makes since, right? You would think so, and the same for other’s who was close to me as friends. So, the one thing I asked them, everyone here, we are in this together. I don’t want to do this radio thing alone, guess what happened through the adventures, the crew declined, the dream faltered, friends became enemies and some just vanished. I became alone on the adventure by myself lol. What the fuck right? How the bloody hell did that happen? Well it just did without a thought or whisper. I was being torn and ripped apart by the soul and spirit. As I said before I love music, I love the women who came in and out of my life. GOD, I LOVED THEM THE BEST WAY I KNEW HOW. It seems as if it was never enough. So, I got focused on this DJ shit. It seems to be everywhere I turn in Vegas. Maybe there is something to this right? So, I joined different DJ crews, that was a freaking bloody mistake. No loyalty lol, none what so ever. Everyone want to be the big dog lol. I tired but it seems not to be the smartest thing to do. So, I just got into my music. Which is what I’m doing at the World Market Center! It’s crazy to admit this is my starting point! Seriously the World Market Center is where I found myself as a DJ. Yeah, sure, I’m calling myself Mr. Black Tie on the radio, but I had no idea of what this image would be or what he is supposed to look like in photos or in public.
23415862_2077329848947475_570393998_nThat is until I met my image consultant Fabiola, she is bloody brilliant. She understands my story, sees my adventures. I became Mr. Black Tie thanks to her and London Suits Co.! As I said before, this is my starting point as a DJ. From the image to my style of music. Which I created liquid jazz, something very different indeed. I never have DJ’d truly on my own till the gig at the World Market Center. I have never dreamed doing such a gig on any level on my own. Not once did that thought come across my mind. So, when this opportunity came to me. It was a starting point, so I went with it. I had the image, the style, now came the music. Something though got even more dramatic for me throughout the time I was DJing for two parts at the World Market Center, Thrashed Gallery on one side and the other part was the design center. Things got complicated as my life did too. The Woman of my life, was no longer my woman, so I was totally on my own in ways I had never dreamt before. I was completely on my own. If I failed there was no one to hug. If I even succeed there would be no one to cuddle with or make love in celebration with after a successful moment in life. But I had the image now, I had the opportunity to have everything I had wanted to do to start my career right off right.20536206_1635000199864441_1595189395_o
So, I went into doing the first set soft with Latin style and soulful chimes. That was just the first day of seven days of spinning. I did one day of Irish chants and drums and bass, another was Japanese hip hop. They loved everything I had produced that week. Now here is the crazy pat of this all. I had truly decided I wanted this DJ thing in my life now, it became a part of me. The same way the woman of my life at the same did as well. The Socialite DJ. Yeah, I know, am I crazy or simply stupid? I’m DJing with my ex fiancé. She is everything to me, even though I might not be the same for her. I can’t stop loving her the same way, I can’t stop DJing or producing my love for liquid jazz. Out of everyone she hasn’t left me or abandoned me, but I guess in time I will see right? Sooner or later someone will come into her life who she will want to cuddle with. See there has been those who doubts because me and my music, I don’t have the fancy equipment. I get it though, and well I keep pushing forward. I always will and will always do. Much love to you all, especially to the World Market Center, Thrashed Gallery and The Design Center.

Written By: Mr. Black Tie