What Are The Words on My Photo’s ..?

a’lot of People have just been liking the photo and not seeing what is written on them!

I believe WORDS are Powerful Weapons as well as Healing Powers. I’m trying to be show people I’m more than just a Dj. I love Poetry as well have focus point on my goals in life. I have been through a’lot this year. But then who hasn’t right? I’m a Believer and Yet I’m not proud of those who are also believer’s they aren’t acting up right as believers should be. My thoughts on this due towards all that has been happening across the globe. I was asked to share my thought’s on this and other things. I have begone to return to what I love to do, besides it being photography and writing. It is Spinning Tribal style and Deep house Music , is sending good vibes to others!

Spinning latin style at Flock and Fowl donwtown las vegas

Much love and respect ..keeping the world swingging with latin style with a twist of edm at flock and fowl Flock & Fowl Downtown #zappos #downtownproject #flockdltv #chickenrice #edm #edc

Posted by Mr.BlackTie on Thursday, March 29, 2018

What I believe it as important as how I treat you as a person! I have been asked what are some of my photo’s are saying? So I have decide to show case three recent’s ones. I try to let people see who I am.I don’t care if you don’t believe, That’s not my goal in life to do so lol. I will however want you respect me as I respect you. We a human beings when you go to the root of it all. I have few Hater’s out there , trying to destroy what I am bringing to the world. I wont be stop by anyone, I cant be stop.Perhaps avoided though lol still I have goals and plans. I would to have the entire world be about good vibes and positive words! Yet that isn’t the word we live in at all. Still I will do my best to bring some of my Positive words and Good Vibes across the globe. MrBlacktie

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