May 7, 2021

Mr. Black Tie

The DJ That Entertains The Entertainment

Smooth Swing and A Little Something with a Twist of Style .. That’s I what I did at Fergusons Downtown ..

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Some People go to see the DJ because of their skill, reputation, some Dj’s have became Famous For just the tricks they can do ! For me I think People should come for not just the tricks , but also for the music . But that’s my thoughts on that , I also do understand People want to see what the Dj can do behind the decks. Their mixes are displays of raw dexterity, impressive tricks, and clever transitions.

I had Such a Great Time Doing This Gig at Fergusons Downtown

These are exhibitionist of level of where DJs are at . In addition to being  turntablists  myself (who focus on cutting and scratching), there are “controllerists” and other live performers who display mastery of the craft. And listening to them, without watching, is only half of the story. This DJ might be described as playing their gear “like a musical instrument”. I want to be known of some level as one of those Dj who Spins some of the smoothest and rare styles of Liquid Jazz to Swinging Deep House !

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