May 8, 2021

Mr. Black Tie

The DJ That Entertains The Entertainment

When Im Djing,I’m Free to be Myself

I have always loved the moment when I’m Djing. I look upon the crowd there I see that one person zoned into my energy. It’s freaking amazing and it so profound when its more than just one. I’m not talking about people, I always have em dancing lol . Its the connection of energy you send out and they receive it They in return send it right back to you. Yeah I live for that so much , it happens at Big gigs to small ones.

My Original Score
Djing at the artisan hotel

I’ve Been through alot of gigs since the moment I decided to become a professional Dj. Now do understand I have have always been a dj ,But Professionally that’s a different story. It’s all different when one goes professional and then to go into the Industry.I had to move into the front line of things.See when I first came to Vegas I wasn’t trying to go full force. I was just happy being part of a crew.Bloody hell I even was letting other’s take the front line. There was plenty of of peeps running in clicks and crews . I honestly stop caring who was who lol. I was like this like trying to push for forward those who was part of mine. You think that make things easier right? I was so wrong though.
Djing at The GoldSpike back in the Day

I wasn’t prep for the drama of what was to come with it ,seriously I was better off doing shit myself lol.I pushed and pushed for other’s dreams to be that star Dj. I was sorta happy to be just the Writer and Photographer. The Person behind the scenes.But as I got deeper into the mix of the hustles to gigs and shit.My focused got deeper and deeper as did the hustle.

It all started here with these Gents why I started getting Djing Gigs.

I just didn’t think that ..well let me go to the starting point of this all. In this photo right here. It really started with these two. I first meet Sphinx The Sonic Healer at Ybs Radio. I was the Director Of Programs and Marketing. I had him on my show at time called Liquid Rain Drops. Sonic The Healer ( Seriously that was his Dj name ) . We had a good time on my show and at that time after the show. he told me about how Djs was on the rise. We hang out a few more times talking about Music and Djing. He then introduce me to John Lavender,who was sorta like his best friend. We all started talking about Djing and how hard it was for unknown Djs to get Gigs In Vegas. I decided after a few more talks , I get us a some gigs and see what would happen after. I was able to get a few due to my Popularity with my show Liquid Radio Drops. Such as the getting a gig at The Gold Spike when it was still owned by The Siegal Group. I was a different time for me as well for John Lavender , he wanted to be a Dj , wait what I mean he wanted to a professional paid Dj way more than I did. He wanted more than most than I knew at that time. So as I pushed forward to get him Gigs , that adventure turn into a nightmare for me lol.

I created a Hellav Dj name for him The Pied Piper !
Djing at Sugar Factory

Not the Djing , but the work it took into getting the gigs , and such , the friendships began to change as well , soon there wasn’t three of us anymore. It began to be just me and john and well , He was going though a lot at the same time as well.Sonic The Healer began to go another path. I was becoming a closer friend to john and he was going through alot. i wont go into his personal life , lets just say that got in the way of his Djing career lol . He was a great Dj at the time. We went through a lot together as friends which ended up as in short no longer friends by his choice. I pushed forward into Djing , I had a responsibility to continue on the process of the Djing career.So that’s what I did , Kept Pushing forward as a Dj Beside being the Photographer and marketer lol. Things have change since those times of hustling for other Djs or crews . But there are plenty of time to go into another Blog for a Later Day! I do wish the very best for John and his family! For me I’m just doing what I need to do , to become. I’m a Dj who loves to Dj , its not easy to become a professional Dj. There comes a lot to it .